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Server Solutions

At TURBO Data Networks, LLC we are committed to providing reliable network solutions to commercial businesses. The server or domain controller is a vital component in any network. Data storage and availability is the center of what makes the network function for the client. Server redundancy and fail-safe designs are the main focus in our approach. Even with today's options with cloud-based data solutions, the traditional local data storage is still widely depended upon. Without the sole reliance of Internet connectivity to access their data, many end-users opt for server-based network solutions.

Our methods are tried, tested & proven and our server recommendations feature:

  • Intel based XEON multi-core processors & dual CPU configurations
  • Ample high speed memory components
  • RAID level redundant hard disk arrays & controllers
  • Hot-pluggable hard disks & solid state drives
  • Windows-based data shadow copies
  • Redundant hot-pluggable power supplies
  • Windows Server operating systems & SQL database applications
  • Remote server management & monitoring
  • Uninterruptable battery backup units
  • Offsite data backup solutions
  • Personal data & security management
  • 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Whether designing a new network server solution or replacing an existing server, TURBO Data Networks, LLC has the solution!